LW Storehouse

Working to alleviate poverty and feed people in crisis - a Churches Together in Chorley mission.

We have recognised that 13 million people in the UK are living below the poverty line, including 3 million children. Many struggle to put food on the table, thousands simply go without.

There are many living in the Chorley Borough who may be living in hidden hunger.

Who runs it?

The Foodbank is run by volunteers mainly from LivingWaters Church. Food is donated via all the churches in Chorley, Runshaw College and Brothers of Charity.

How does it work?

Our Partners identify a need and send an electronic referral form to LW Storehouse. The Storehouse then contacts the person being referred to identify a date and time that the food parcel can be given. The person is invited to LivingWaters on designated days where they can collect their food and will be offered a cup of tea/coffee/lunch and will also be offered further help and signposted to other services if required.

Who is it for?

We are working to alleviate poverty and feed people in crisis with no financial safety net within the Chorley Borough This will include those losing their job, relationship breakdown, benefit delay, illness, bereavement etc...


Following our Christmas hampers one man wrote saying he felt overwhelmed and quite emotional when he received his hamper. He couldn't thank us enough, said “you do such an amazing job I couldn't help myself from telling everyone what a great sentiment your gift meant to me. I hope you don't mind but I gave one of my items from the bag to a homeless man I saw walking around Chorley and also a bar of the chocolate to a lady with 3 kids who is very very poor!”

How can you help?

For those of us who can afford to buy food and put a decent meal on the table, what is a tin of beans? If everyone could pick an extra couple of tins up each week we would make such a big difference to so many in Chorley.

What is needed?

Any imperishable items such as-
Cleaning products
Tin vegetables
Tin meat
Tin fish
Tin fruit
Orange juice
Long life milk
Packet mash
Rice pudding Jam

Can you donate a tin or two?

Donations & Referrals

For all contact with regards to LW Storehouse donations and referrals please call:
07889 757045